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The Greyhound Project. This wonderful site shows you how retired racing Greyhounds become greyt pets. They offer an introduction to greyhounds, a place to learn a bit more about the dogs, and a list of places where you can adopt one.


Greyt Links:

  • Greyhound articles
  • Greyt talk
  • Aid 4 Greys -100% of all sales go to help Adoption Groups!
  • The Greyhound Project
  • The Greyhound Gang — A Greyt place to help the Hounds The Greyhound Guide, When I am Older, and Dr. Stack the Deck for Greyt Health have excellent information. Get Up and Go Supplements, etc. All purchases help the greyhounds!
  • Greyhound Support in Kansas City and learn more about the Anatomy of a Greyhound Haul.
  • Greyhound Companions of New Mexico – Greyhound Advocacy and Adoption
    A History by Susan Netboy (2008)
  • Greyhound Hall of Fame
  • Greyhound-L. This is the list to subscribe to when you take the plunge (or even before). It’s an invaluable source of information with about 2,000 subscribers, many of whom are adoption group reps, breeders, and trainers. And they are kind to newbies, often answering the same questions over and over again.
  • The Lexus Project – A greyhound group dedicated to helping greyhounds in legal trouble


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Greyhound Health: